Children's book (and Editorial)

These are three Children's book projects. First one is what I did for my Bachelor.
Second is a private project, someone ordered for his family, that I made the illustrations for.

Rote Riesen, Weiße Zwerge, Schwarze Löcher
Bachelor 2012

Hanna awaits a boring time at her grandparent's house. Or so she thinks.
But when exploring the place, she finds herself in the attic that is full
of strange books with titles like "Red Giants, White Dwarfs, Black Holes"
- What might that mean? Might it be Grandpa knows more...?

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Die Geschichte von den Purzeltieren
Private Children's book (2012)

Every grandchild of the author has an imaginary best-friend-pet, a so
called Purzeltier. Together they conquer adventures, for example catching
a raisin thief.
Story © Ulrich Tichlers, parts of the text are blurred

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Erics Fieber
University Children's book Project (2010)
Cooperation with author, publisher and others

Little Eric has a fever caused by the so called Feuerdrachenfliege (fire-dragon-fly).
After he gets so hot that he starts to burn he lets the ocean evaporate, travels to the
center of the earth and meets the strange animals living there.
Story © Martin Baltscheit

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Der Mond
University Illustration Project (2009)

The given topic was "Nacht und Nebel" (night and mist). I chose to draw a comic
after the fairy tale "The Moon" written by Grimm Brothers. It tells that the
moon was once a round lantern on the top of a tree and was robbed by four young men.
They put it in their home town on another tree and let people pay them for the
new light in the night. When they grew older an died, each one took a piece of
the moon into his grave so that it became dark again. But the light in the underworld
let the dead wake up. Petrus in heaven heard their noise an went down to earth, took
the moon and hung it - out of reach of greedy people - up in the sky.

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University Editorial Project (2010)

I made the editorial design for the Japanese school book that my Japanese teacher
wrote. Since she found no good German book, she wrote one herself.
Content © Sumiyo Vontin and Noriyasu Vontin
Design and Illustrations © me
These are some photos of the book. - It's not complete, there are a total of 32 chapters, I made only 7.

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